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Freelance Web Developer

I am an experienced, detailed-oriented, front end web developer. With 2 years of hands-on experience efficiently coding websites and applications using modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,

I feel that I can offer any company a valuable mix of enthusiasm and proficiency. I believe that I have the characteristics that any organization need. My passion for this field, make me eager, where I can make a real contribution to any organization.

I started out playing around with web design by creating my own website and by helping friends redesign theirs. When I saw I had a real talent for web designing, I pursued this passion by earning a Diploma in Web Design as well as a Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing and Finally a Diploma in Mobile App Development.

Building state-of-the-art, easy to use, user-friendly websites and applications is truly a passion of mine. I design simple, compelling, and functional websites that make it easy for users to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s about creating a online experience that transforms users into followers, customers into ambassadors.

I have experience working with every aspect of a website starting with the layout design. I will determine the technical requirements based on the content and other features the site contains. I can solve any code problems that arise and guarantee that any site is functioning correctly.

I have the ability to communicate efficiently by listening carefully to what clients are searching for in a design. I am flexible enough to make changes when necessary and I can help clients keep their websites updated and maintained once launched. I have the skills to provide quality web designs while meeting tight deadlines.

How I keep my skills sharp

I actively seek out new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements. Continued education has allowed me to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional work. I enjoy being challenged and working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set, as continuing to learn new languages and development techniques are important to me and the success to any organization